Cornelia Kriechbaumer

Book Teaser from „Little Bear and Big Bear“
author: Neil Stainthorpe,
illustrations: Cornelia Kriechbaumer

The book is available on Buchschmiede.

It was a very windy autumn afternoon, and the pitch was getting covered by falling leaves very quickly.
In fact, some of the piles were so high that the dormice couldn’t see which way they were kicking the ball and had scored three own goals in the first ten minutes.

“I’m sorry,” Mr. Weasel, the referee said, “There are simply too many leaves, we’ll have to stop the game!”

Everybody groaned. Then Little Bear had an idea.

“Mr. Weasel! Wait a moment, please!” she shouted. She ran across to where he was standing, whispered something in his ear, then ran across to the hedgehogs and told them her plan. All of a sudden, each hedgehog went to the side of the pitch. Little Bear gave a signal, and all of the hedgehogs curled up into a ball and started rolling across the pitch. As they did, some leaves got stuck to their spines. Once they reached the other side, they stopped, shook all the leaves off, and started to roll back.