Cornelia Kriechbaumer

Book Teaser from „Little Bear and Big Bear“
author: Neil Stainthorpe,
iillustrations: Cornelia Kriechbaumer

The book is available on Buchschmiede.

“I got into trouble right at the start of the lesson,” she replied in a small voice and looking a bit embarrassed. Then her face brightened up as she remembered how excited she had been. “I was so looking forward to it, I just jumped straight into the pool!” Then she looked thoughtful again and continued.

“Most of the water in the pool splashed right out. And some of the smaller animals. The teacher got very cross and didn’t let me swim any more. I had to sit on the side. But later, when she wasn’t looking, one of the hedgehogs got into trouble in the deep water, so I jumped in a bit more carefully and saved him. And you know what?” she asked, smiling again now.

“The teacher was so grateful she said from now on I could be the class lifebear whenever we go swimming!”